Hi All!  I'm Dani.   I'm in my 30s and live with my hubs in the SF Bay Area.  Since I was a young one, I have always loved to write in a diary (my sisters LOVED to steal it and laugh over whoever my current boy crush was at the time) and then as I got older - a journal.  While the boy crushes are mostly gone, I still like to document life however I can and thought I'd share the less private ones with you all through this blog.

In the work world I'm an HR Systems Analyst so I like data, techie things and figuring out ways to improve the people side of the company I work for.  While I like what I'm doing and work hard, the stuff outside of work is what you'll see here.

When I'm not at work I tend to enjoy my time with family & friends, figuring out ways to be a better Christian and all around person, crafts like photography/scrapbooking/sewing, nutrition & fitness, and sports!  I am big on being organized and setting goals and plans but I also love to laugh and can be pretty goofy at times too. This blog is all about all of these crazy things and more that make up my life.