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art journal | you are amazing


For awhile now I’ve been wanting to start an art journal- something where I give myself a weekly project that is different from my normal project life kind of thing where I can try new to me crafts on a small scale.  I recently bought an online class from A Beautiful Mess where there are 52 prompts that you can complete in your own time.

Lately though I’ve been feeling down and last night I just wanted to do something to get that out of my system.  I was thinking about painting a big giant mess, but instead I got out my wood veneers, an instax picture from a few weeks ago and got to work.  My style is pretty simple and minimal, so I think the result came out well and works for my first art journal page.

My goal is to do one every week and post on Thursdays so feel free to join in if you’d like!

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