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currently | october

Organizing my planner as part of the Agenda class and loving it

Feeling proud of myself for finishing the Nike Women’s Half Marathon a week ago and excited for the next challenge

Hoping my body doesn’t fail me in the next Glass Slipper Challenge

Loving the start of sweater & pumpkin season

Thinking about this message on my coffee cup: “Keep Not Settling” and not beating myself up about things not improving as much or as quickly as I’d like

Working on the work/life balance thing and

Being okay with the fact that it is a constant struggle as long as I keep trying

Cheering on the SF Giants through the World Series, the Sacramento Kings through the preseason, and the Niners too

Getting back into the diet and exercise plan after a couple lazy (but yummy!) weeks

Stressing out a tiny bit about the family “birthday season” but love spending time celebrating with family

Figuring out a plan so I can do more craft time stuff like Week in the Life, December Daily, and catching up on other projects

Champions Together

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