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Goals for May

Recently, I found a new-to-me blog by this fun lady and she happens to have thrown down a fun challenge of doing a blog post everyday in May, with prompts and everything.  I thought since I'm in the midst of redoing my blog (and actually moving it completely), this would be a fun way to dive in and make my blog my baby.  As it is actually May 2, you get the pleasure of 2 blog posts today!  I will probably miss a day here and there or skip the prompt entirely and include some other form of magic but I think this is an awesome way to start.  So May 1 is all about goals...

My goals for May are things I've been working on all year but haven't been able to be consistent with.  I know once that happens I'll feel more like I'm thriving and as a result be happier and less stressed...

1) Blog everyday!  Or work towards it anyway...

2) Start the She Reads Truth devotional on Nehemiah and stick with it!

3) Start the 21 Day Fix program and a running program to get the health & fitness stuff going

4) Catch up on One Little Word and Project Life- but don't beat yourself up if this doesn't happen

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