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Back to Basics

In the last 9 months, my health has been spiraling way out of control.  The biggest reasons (and ahem...excuses) are work and my same anemia/iron problem where I'm too tired and weak to do anything and I love foods that don''t love me back.  I'll be great for a day or two with food- maybe exercise and then not so good for the next 3 weeks.  I signed up for a half marathon, but training is either non existent or just rough.

So I did some planning this weekend, and starting over.  This time though I have enforcements!  A sweet friend of mine started a nutrition accountability group on Facebook and the boy and I are going to work on eating better and taking walks each night together (which should also get me home at a decent hour!).  I made this food journal and I have my workouts laid out as well.  Since I can't do anything too crazy until my iron levels are better, I'm doing a walk/run (mostly walk) program and a PiYo strength program from Beachbody that recently came out.  Not being hardcore will be rough but I'm going to focus on the fact that this is what my body needs right now.

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