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Creating Greeting Cards

It started with a bridal shower at work...for two lovely ladies-  Some of us went to a couple stores like Target and were feeling uninspired by the cards available so I decided to go through my stash and see what I could come up.

Though I tried a lot of different things, the simple ones were the best in my opinion so I stuck with what worked.  The card above is just a stamp on gray paper on top of some pretty white embossed paper.  Inside I used a Congratulations stamp and like magic it's done!  I didn't get pictures of the other bridal card that we gave out, but here is another that I made at the same time.


When I put together a family gift when my nephew was born, I realized I didn't have a card about 20 minutes before we were supposed to leave so I went through my stash again for something that would work.  For this one I used a Project Life card from Amy Tan's collection Cut and Paste, put some thin washi tape around it and stamped the bottom of the card.  Inside the card I used that trusty Congratulations stamp again and was done. 

I love making cards lately because they don't take a ton of time and you have instant results!

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