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Blog-tember Challenge | my current goals

Blog-tember Challenge | my current goals

Hi Friends!

Welcome to the second day of the September blog challenge!  Today we're writing about our current goals!

Normally this would be my JAM.  I love setting goals and creating an action plan to get there.  In January I looked at my top priorities and what I needed to do to improve those areas.  For the most part those areas of priority don't change over time, but its good to revisit them and make sure my actions are in direct correlation with my priorities.  That's a whole separate blog post, but my goals looked like this:

  1. get a job- something challenging and a source of income 
  2. pay off any debt accrued in my time not working and then save, save, save!
  3. Lose weight and get healthy through solid nutrition & exercise
  4. Spend Quality Time with the boy
  5. spend quality time in the Word- start a biblestudy and become active in a church
  6. Do the other things you want to create the best life- meet new people through craft & fitness groups, volunteer, etc.


I got the job stuff done and have a plan and was acting on them for most of the others, but then July hit- I found out that I would need a surgery and most importantly I found out that my Mom has brain cancer.  Though my priorities didn't change (one of my top is to be present & engaged with family) my goals and the things I was focused on changed big time.  Since things have changed in regards to where my time is spent, my current goals seem to be more like this:

  1. Be present and engaged with Mom & sisters- help all of them however it is needed.
  2. Figure out a daily routine that can be maintained long term while still taking care of Mom and being there for my sisters as needed.
  3. Make myself a priority through these-
    1. remember to make my health a priority and not be afraid to take the rest that is needed.  This month I will tackle Whole 30 and get in light exercise/yoga until my surgery in the latter part of September.
    2. Make sure to spend time doing things I enjoy that help me to relax and find strength like studying the Word and scrapbooking projects.  This month I plan on doing a study on Grace and Women of the Bible and I'd like to get a dent in my summer album and my Week/Day in the Life album
    3. Focus on things that I am grateful for rather than dwelling on all that is wrong in this world.

If I can get a handle on these things my world will be a much better place!

I hope you found this interesting and/or encouraging!  If you want to join the blog challenge for September check out Bailey's blog for more information.



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